2013 - 4'44''
Aymeric de Tapol
2006 - 4'12''
World premiere
Musique acataleptique
2007 - 5'08''
The Near
2013 - 6'09''
2010 - 2’35’’
Pour le 25ème anniversaire de Miso Music, Miguel et Paula Azguime
Création Mondiale, 15 – 04 – 2010, Lisboa, Portugal voix : Miguel Azguime

Into Wheel
8'32 - 2013
© 2013 Gaël Segalen
played & composed by Gaël Segalen, project study for the electroacoustic class of the National School of Music - Pantin, France, 2013
NOUS - Annabelle Blin + Joël Riff - 09.09.09 - 2010 - 9'

"He meuf, hé reuf, t'es plutôt oeuf ou boeuf, viens faire la teuf, c'est le neuneufneuf, ramène ton veuf, c'est pas du bleuf, y'a pas les keufs"
Après un 07.07.07 littéraire et un 08.08.08 cinématographique, Annabelle Blin & Joël Riff traduiront leur journée du 09.09.09 selon le médium du son. La rime du chiffre à l'honneur cette année-là, les orienta vers un univers musical péri-urbain, rythmé de sonorités qui invitent à la parade, selon un langage singulier issu d'une base francophone. L'installation qu'ils présenteront exploitera l'outil de diffusion des musiques actuelles qu'est le téléphone portable, élément indispensable à la découverte de leur premier album, d'une durée de neuf minutes composé de neuf titres de neuf pistes chacun. Tous deux anciens élèves à l’ESAA Duperré à Paris où nous nous sommes rencontrés, nous avons rapidement mis en place des projets communs extra-scolaires dans lesquels nous partagions notre sensibilité au caractère exceptionnel du quotidien, à la mise en scène de sa propre vie par des actions modestes en portant une attention particulière à l’usage du mot. Nous nous inscrivons dans une pratique qui vise à mettre en valeur l’ensemble des éléments de notre environnement qui se voient trop souvent occultés par l’habitude au point de ne plus rien voir de son cadre de vie. Une même motivation nous anime à porter un regard volontaire sur ce qui nous entoure, en articulant image et écriture. La principale énergie de nos engagements demeure cette aspiration à rester acteur de son existence, à définir le maximum des caractéristiques qui régissent notre quotidien en calibrant nos actions pour résister à la passivité du consommateur vers laquelle la société paraît vouloir nous pousser.
Philippe F. ROUX - Paréidolia, a haunted recording (EVP) 2008-2012 - 5'40''
For several years, I kept a record that I did not dare talk about. In 2008, while working on a dull sound recording to extract elements for a live performance, I heard in the noise a sound that has troubled me. I listened to it again for many times without being able to hear anything else than what I heard at first. As we see shapes in clouds or we hear music in the wind rushing in an ajar window, a voice seemed to appear on the background noise. Just after a sound I wanted to isolate to rework, a vocal timbre seemed to say "deux, huit, trois" (two, eight, three) so little articulated. After various filtering and equalizations to remove the ambient wind (the wind in the trees), there was only the sound events, birds, the slamming of a car door (?), a distant train, people who take a street not far, a plane ... I listened to this short sequence (about 2 seconds) at slower speeds, re-equalizing and filtering it for several days, and I was still hearing the same phrase: "je suis toi" (I am you). Torn between fear and disbelief, and wondering if I was not trying to convince myself, on one hand that it was a voice, on the other hand that I had heard correctly, I put this sound file aside, listening to it from time to time to see if my impression was always the same. I brang it out again in 2012 to be heard by Lea Ponty with whom we discussed the installation of Mike Kelley and Scanner in Centre Pompidou in 2003. She then spoke of EVP (Electric Voice Phenomenon), apparently well-known, and about the book "Rorschach Audio" by Joe Banks (whose work is otherwise excellent) on this topic. I did some research. Between EVP specialists (firstly, Jürgenson, Raudive, Szalay ...), researchers seeking and produce in quantity voice recordings (of the dead, of course, trying to communicate, always in the language of the listener, as if the dead remain where they lived, or they have no means of transport or they want to be sure to be understood ...), those who, by chance, heard their dead wife talk to them, and try to reconnect the broken thread, the sectarians who see a proof of life after death, etc., I could spend a lifetime on searching. I am you: I = you. If, in death, time is abolished, there is no more time arrow, a spirit always travel in a present tense through the past and future of the living ones. A voice told me it's me, ie I address myself. If this is not a simple mirror, an echo of my own mind (vision, fantasy), then as a spirit, I am double (or triple, quadruple ...), I simultaneously speak and listen to myself . Why then could not I have two spirits embodied simultaneously then one or two souls?)? I (I = spirit) can then meet myself, can not agree with myself, make love to myself, kill myself without dying (or only partly, one of my myselves), then I can be alive and dead, reincarnate while I
Dudu Tsuda - 'Bateaux - Le Temps Suspendu' - 2012 extrait de la série 'Le temps Suspendu'

“There is a place where the time stand still. Rain drops stills in the air. Clock pendulum stops in the middle of its cycle. Dogs rises their muzzles in silent howls. Pedestrians are freezed in dusty streets, with their legs static as if they were tied by ropes.” Alan Lightman - Le Temps Suspendu was a name created during my residency program in Paris to a group of experimental pieces that, somehow, translated in sounds the sensation of a suspended time, when time seems to stop and everything seems static and somehow nostalgic. A time suspension that is held without proposing a resolution which creates a peculiar awareness to the space and motion perception. Bateaux was recorded in the Canal de l’Ourcq in a very beautiful autumn afternoon, and in the occasion some African children were having boat classes. The image was very strong to me because that reminded me the sad history of African immigration in Europe that I saw in a movie released that week in Paris. It made think that most of those children are linked somehow to the crossings of the Mediterranean sea by boat, and for that reason, their experience with water was a very significant symbol of victory to my eyes.
Andrea COHEN
Ça tourne
1998 - 5'53''
Sébastien BERANGER
Schizo à 120
2003 - 2'59''
Pièce acousmatique : 120 for the tempo! Schizoid for the form…
2013 - 6'33''
Creation for Radiophony : Haunted Air - World Premiere

The Invisible Matter
2013 - 6'00''
Coraline JANVIER
Je ne suis pas là pour le moment
2013 - 5'26''
2011 - 1'06''
Side A of VOCAL CODES Antifrost Voice Tapes Series vol.7
Dinah BIRD
Miss Time
2011 - 3'51''
Robin The Fog - The Ghosts Of Bush - 2012 - 5'54''
‘The Ghosts Of Bush’ was created entirely using the natural acoustic sounds of Bush House, the iconic home for the past seven decades of the BBC World Service which closed its doors for the last time on July 12th 2012. All of the sounds were captured in the small hours of the morning in empty offices, corridors, stairwells and other hidden corners by a Studio Manager working overnight. These recordings were then dubbed onto quarter-inch tape in the basement studio deep in the bowels of the South-East wing using two of the surviving reel-to-reel machines.
Valérie Vivancos
Whale In
2009 - 3’25''
For Locked OUT
In Radiophonic Creation Day 2010
Wind Up Satellite
2010 - 3'32''
Autumn 10 / Collectif Mu
Track 3 from JUST, CARMUSIC
Just was recorded live to disc at La Succursale in Paris on Ferbuary 5th + 7th 2013 by Wayn Malm, file under improvisation, field recording doom. CARMUSIC is a loose group of sound artists, film makers, buto dancers and just anyone who is crafting & making & cares.